Sahara Nepal is a non-profitable organization established in 2052 BS in the Jhapa District of Nepal. Since then, Sahara Nepal is profoundly engaged in humanitarian assistance, community development, conservation of natural resources, and environmental protection mainly in the Hilly and Terai region of Nepal through dozens of humanitarian and long-term development projects.

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity International Nepal, is implementing a Community Housing Program and different components for Safe Shelter Projects in different R/ Municipalities of Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, and Udayapur districts. Sahara Nepal is seeking qualified, dynamic, and motivated Nepali citizens in the following positions for the successful implementation of the project.

 Position: Land Advocacy Officer

Number of Vacancies: One

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Law or relevant field

Duration: June 2022 (Possibly extension depends on the Donor Grant)

 Key Skills and Knowledge:

·         Coordinate with local leaders & Government officers under the supervision of team leader for the Land rights issues.

·         Mobilize volunteers for the effective implementation & timely completion of program activities of the land rights issues.

·         Accomplishment of assigned task in the time frame.

·         Orient the importance of Land rights and Joint Land Titling JLT.

·         Keep records and prepare reports &submit them to the supervisor in prescribed forms and formats.

·         Strictly follow the rules and regulations of the organization.

·         Familiar with the Govt. rules, regulation and policies operation

·         Good skills in coordination, team play and rapport building with divers stakeholders such as government and CBOs at community and province level.

·         Good skills on activity planning, coordination, implementation and reporting and documentation.

·         Basic training facilitating skills on the various issues of land right with special focus to advocacy and access to justice.

·         Well informed about the human right and land right movement of Nepal and its dynamic.

·         Good knowledge and information about national policies and legal frameworks on land rights and its specific entitlements

·         Develop detail implementation plan of the activity allocated to local  level in the close consultation and guidance of project Team Leader .

·         Coordinate with different government and non government stakeholders to ensure and increase their engagement and contribution in the project activities.

·         Prepare periodic reports and collect activity related data, information and cases from project implementing palikas under the supervision of Team Leader.

            Position: Market System Development Facilitator/ Officer

Number of Vacancies: One

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies, Social Sciences  or relevant field having three years working experiences in sales and marketing, enterprise and market  system  development sector  including social mobilization,   working  knowledg and  experience  in  rural areas  and knowledge  on treated bamboo  housing  will be an advantage.

Duration: June 2022 (Possibly extension depends on the Donor Grant)

 Key Skills and Knowledge:

-     Conduct  resource and  market  assessment, identification of appropriate locations  to carrout  treated bamboo  housing solution  promotiona activities   as  well as  set  up  treated bamboo   construction  materia enterprises  including treatment centre own by either NGO or private individual.

-    Conduct community sensitization activities and facilitation to

set  up  better localevel supply  chain  of treated bamboo construction materials.

-     Provide  enterprise  development  counsellin to  individual entrepreneurs, local level appropriate institutions (Coop, CFUG, Youth club and CBOs) and producers groups to ensure treated bamboo housing materials and services are according to the market demand.

-    Facilitate  individual entrepreneurs, local level institution  and

producer’s group to develop business plan to motivate create new  treated bamboo   enterprises or  scale  up  the  existing enterprises.

-     Assis TL   and    others    in   identifying   main    problems, difficulties,  gaps,  and  concerns of treated bamboo  market factors such as treatment centres, suppliers and beneficiaries for development and improvement of supply chain of treated bamboo  construction materials.

-    Facilitate  entrepreneurs and  producers’ groups,  for record

keeping  and  information  management. Ensure  that  records kept  are  accurate and  provide  adequate information  about production, sales, and net profit from their daily transaction.

-    Support   to   design   an carr out   consumer  awareness

campaign at community  level.

-     Facilitat to  local  construction  treaders  to  own  treated bamboo  housing solution and offer in market.

-    Establish linkages with local level actors  and stakeholders.

-     Conduct training, orientation, and exposure visits for capacity building  for offer  new  housing  services   based on  treated bamboo  materials

-    Support    to   need    identification,    planning,    monitoring,

reporting and documentation work.

            Position: Technical Officer

Number of Vacancies: Few

Qualification: Diploma in Civil Engineering, or relevant discipline

Duration: June 2022 (Possibly extension depends on the Donor Grant)

 Key Skills and Knowledge:

·         Diploma in Civil Engineering from a reputed institution or relevant discipline with at least 2 years’ experience in community development construction, Shelter.

·         Experience in design or supervision of building, community projects, or other infrastructure projects

·         Experience in design or construction supervision of civil engineering projects 

·         Good knowledge of project management and contract management

·         Good management, report writing, and presentation skills

·         Good knowledge of MS Office package, especially MS Word and MS Excel

·         Good knowledge and experience within the technical design or AUTOCAD, MS Project/ Primavera, other civil engineering software, etc.

·         Responsible to implement the approved design and drawing

·         Coordinate with Gaupalika Engineer and Habitat Nepal technical team for the quality of the work

·         Design and detailing of building and other civil engineering structures

·         Coordination and management of ongoing projects

·         Quality control in design and construction supervision

·         Coordination with the design team and consultants

·         Preparation of various reports.

Position: WASH Officer-Technical

Number of Vacancies: One

Qualification: Diploma in Civil Engineering, or relevant discipline

Duration: June 2022 (Possibly extension depends on the Donor Grant)

 Key Skills and Knowledge:

·         Diploma in Civil Engineering from a reputed institution or relevant discipline with 5 years’ experience in community development or WASH sector

·         Be responsible for the design, establishment of work specifications and quotation, follow-up, and evaluation of activities related to the construction of WASH infrastructures in public institutions and communities, such as hand pump installation, community toilet, public and school toilet, hand wash, Bathroom, Utensil cleaning platform.

·         Construction or rehabilitation of drinking water infrastructures (hand-dug well, boreholes, pipe network, reservoir, drinking water treatment device).

·         Construction or rehabilitation of sanitation facilities (latrines, soakage pit…).

·         Technical training of internal and partner staff, community volunteers, members of WASH committees.

·         Planning, organization, and follow-up of the community mobilization in target communities on issues related to construction, operation, and maintenance of WASH facilities.

·         Be responsible to establish the technical aspect of the internal purchase order and tender documents for construction and rehabilitation of WASH facilities.

·          Site management: general supervision, ensuring the quality control, time and safety of construction sites, and community participation.

·         Validate the progress and quality of work and rectify the error. and make the connection with the administration and logistics to ensure their payments.

·          Design, implementation, and organization of training for the construction of WASH facilities at the household level (hand washing device, sand filter ...).

·         Follow up logistics / budget management / site supervision

·         Contribute to the development of training and orientation materials. Document results and lessons learned from WASH program implementation including emergency preparedness and response, to promote knowledge sharing with counterparts and WASH stakeholders

·         Knowledge and skills on household base total sanitation (HBTS).

 Position: Behavior Change officer-WASH

Number of Vacancies: One

Qualification: Bachelor’s in public health, or relevant discipline

Duration: June 2022 (Possibly extension depends on the Donor Grant)

 Key Skills and Knowledge:


·         Bachelor’s in public health or social science, from relevant discipline from reputed institution with at least 3 years’ experience in community development or WASH

·         In close coordination with the Team Leader and sensitization of target communities for community dialogue and engagement activities related to WASH

·         Work collaboratively with other project team members to ensure necessary program planning, development, resource availability, and management activities function smoothly and efficiently.

·         Participate in budget planning and ensure the compliance and the optimal appropriation of allocated program funds.

·         Liaise with other actors such as the DWSSO, District Health teams, Community development offices, CSO networks, and community structures for partnership and collaboration geared towards strengthening community-level Behavior Change Communication to influence implementation to achieve behavior change in the community.

·         Development of IEC material in close coordination with Gaupalika and other stakeholders for Health promotion in the communities.

·         Ensure accurate data collection on community dialogue and WASH activity outputs and act on data analysis to ensure evidence-based changes are implemented.

·         Contribute to documenting experiences, preparing reports, presentations, briefs, and articles for publication/success stories

·         Extensive field visit to monitor, feedback and evaluate the progress activities of entire WASH projects

 Position: Community Mobilization Officer

Number of Vacancies: Few

Qualification: Higher Secondary or Bachelor's (preferred), or relevant discipline

Duration: June 2022 (Possibly extension depends on the Donor Grant)


Key Skills and Knowledge:

·         Higher Secondary or Bachelor's (preferred), or relevant discipline with 3 years of working experience.

·         Major skills a community mobilizer should have or understand.

·         Communicate in a way that the community understands in their terms instead of imposing one’s thoughts.

·         Under the direct supervision of team leader, CM Officer is responsible to
support to the target beneficiaries, Rural/Municipalities at ward level and concerned
stakeholders to enhance their capacity on Safe and Secure Land and Housing including
DRR, WASH, Climate Change, and GEDSI.

·         Support team leader for detailed implementation planning.

·         Mobilize user committee and household families for effective implementation of project intervention and achieve quality results.

·         Day to day supervise field activities and maintain a good working relationship with community leaders and target beneficiaries.

·         Ensure timely information to team leader about the success, issues,challenges related to field activities, and support to produce the qualitative report and submit it on time.

·         Support project related reporting information collection, story information

·         Select the communities within the municipalities that have the willingness and commitresources for house construction for the most vulnerable. It should be documented in the designated format.

·         Follow the community selection criteria as outlined in Program Manual at least ten houses within a 500m of radius.

·         Conduct community visioning and mapping process to identify resources, process, skills, knowledge, and culture of the community.

·         Prepare a list of government services that apply to future homeowners.

·         Prepare a list with the scoring of each household and finalize the list that clearly shows why the households are selected as probable future homeowners based on the baseline survey.

·         support for future homeowners that must hold land title or be provided occupancy rights of land for construction.

·         Work closely with local government for user committee formation and agreement.

·         Conduct orientation to the User committee regarding the roles and responsibilities i.e., project kickoff to user committee members with regular follow-up then after, enhance on financial organization, and procurement for operating the User committee.

·         Prepare mobilization plan of each group (youth, MFI, volunteer, etc.) before deployment in the field.

·         Maintain or enhance to each user committee and induvial household for a log as per designated format by event or activity conducted like constructions, meetings, materials, etc.

·         Take consent of future homeowners and their shifting before proceeding for construction or final list.

·         Support to coordinate with subject matter experts for relocation assessment before construction.


Note: Application can be sent to the email:[email protected] or [email protected] or submitted to NGO Head Office in Charpane Jhapa with a Cover letter and CV detailing the achievements and previous job experiences within a week of the date of Vacancy published. These positions are subject to the approval of a sub-grant agreement with Habitat Nepal.


Sahara Nepal is an equal opportunity provider. Women and individuals from marginalized communities are highly encouraged to apply.